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[He/him] Kenny is widely recognised for making history by being the first trans man to front a period campaign. Since then, he has gone on to campaign about menstruation, body politics, mental health, and intimacy. He engages in open, honest, and respectful conversations about all things trans in hopes of tackling misinformation and creating allies. His debut novel Dear Cisgender People: A Guide to Allyship and Empathy is due to release in June of 2024. Published by DK Life, a Penguin books owned brand. 

In this powerful, extensively researched, and deeply personal memoir, Kenny offers an authentic and in-depth insight into the trans experience. He is currently working on a wonderful documentary. A heart touching story where Kenny reduces his testosterone and go on a similar journey to IVF to harvest his eggs for his older sister so she can have a baby of her own, after the doctors told her she’d only had a 10 percent chance of becoming naturally pregnant on her own. He is soon to launch his company, Lost Fame. Out of frustration for a lack of period products for himself and others like him he started this brand. A masculine styled period-underwear brand designed for all people with periods, he a proud long serving ambassador for Bloody Good Period. A charity that provides period products to those who can’t afford them.