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Laura Jade Stone is a fashion and lifestyle Influencer with over a million IG followers, who relocated from Australia to the UK and shares her time between London/Barcelona. Having been fashion obsessed for her whole life, Laura began creating fashion focused content on IG, and 8 years later she's now one of the most successful fashion creators from Australia, boasting a highly engaged audience of over a million followers. Laura recently launched her own haircare brand Formi, creating a unique, thoughtfully designed, and inclusive brand for the community she's built.

Laura has worked with some of the biggest brands and designers in Australia, and as her IG audience has grown, she's expanded into working with brands across the globe, growing an international audience base.

Career highlights include working on the Giorgio Armani illuminating silk campaign, being featured on a Swarovski televised campaign, an ongoing ambassadorial role with GHD & getting to partner with some of the most notable international fashion houses including LV, Dior, and Gucci.