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Charlotte Rose is a British model and an emerging self-taught artist based in North London, she is currently working on her third solo exhibition which will open in October 2023.

Fascinated by the nostalgic cigarette branding of the late 20th century, Rose's work prescribes new truths to an old illusion, each painting an exploration of the 'dream' sold by companies to push poisonous goods. Working on vibrant large scale wooden panel and canvas, she flits between the mediums of acrylic and oil.

Rose's social media presence bought her work to the attention of collectors such as Yungblud, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and BrewDog founder and CEO James Watt.

Having worked with brands across social media and modelling such as Prada, Jo Malone, Bulgari, Polaroid, Coach, and Mango, Rose has also been able to merge both her modelling and artist career working on artist campaigns for Gucci, Missoma, and Korean fashion house Yuul Yie.