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Megan Williams hails from the small British Island of Guernsey. Scouted at 14 after taking part in a small shopping mall fashion show, she was encouraged to visit an agency in London. Since those early days Megan’s career has been nothing short of stellar, working with brands such as Victoria’s Secret, D&G, Ralph Lauren, Calzedonia and more. GQ, Details, and Maxim have all dubbed her their favourite “British Bombshell” after starring in editorials in Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire to name a few. Megan’s beauty is matched by intelligence and curiosity about the World. Her love of travel and naturally nurturing attitude has her focusing on donating time with charities abroad alongside her modelling work.
Megan is currently developing an innovative and sustainable product line - "Hunu - The Sustainable & Stylish Cup," with her partner Vince. With a trailblazing attitude and sustainability at the heart of her business plan, her ideas blossomed into a personal desire to do better for the World. After seeing how much waste everyday items such as coffee cups produce, the duo felt impassioned to create change. Megan and Vince noticed a gap in the reusable cup marketplace  – none of them were convenient or easy to carry around. While some would just quietly observe, they took action and created one. It’s the go to solution:  Easy, convenient, stylish and most of all: good for the environment. The name Hunu is just as clever as its functionality - Deriving from “Who knew?" the brand allows customers to explore the possibilities of the product itself - "who knew my coffee cup would fit in my pocket?" Hunu one small change could make such an impactful difference.