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Herman is a Norwegian actor, best known for his work on SKAM (2015-17), SEMESTER (2018), SPIES IN DISGUISE (2020) and RAGNAROK (2020). He broke through and received international fame after playing the character of Christoffer Schistad in the critically acclaimed TV Series SKAM. After starring in & co-producing the TV series, SEMESTER, Herman performed the Norwegian voiceover for Tom Holland in the animated action adventure SPIES IN DISGUISE . Herman is currently starring in the role of Fjor, one of the lead characters in the Netflix Original Series, RAGNAROK. With its new spin on Norse mythology and tailored towards the youth audience, Season 1 was released in Jan 2020 into 190 countries, immediately gaining international popularity featuring in Netflix’s Top 5 TV shows in many countries around the world. The much anticipated Season 2 of Ragnarok has been commissioned by Netflix with production starting late summer 2020. Herman has over 3 million followers across social media, with a massively engaged audience spanning across most genres of fashion, fitness, gaming and music. Some of his videos reach 1-2 million views within 24 hours.